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From 1971 till 1983 Dom - 'HRH 'Boum' the Drummer himself' - has been performing throughout France. He was one of the guys to call for any emergency around Paris. 'I loved it since I didn't have to keep performing in the same club 6 - 7 nights a week, week in week out. I was constantly working all around the place in different settings'.
My favorite was drumming in the world famous 'CRAZY HORSE SALON' ~ for seven years. Great gig.. good money, good musicians.. the repertoire was anything from Steely Dan to George Benson, Blood Sweat & Tears, Chicago, brazilian, jazz, funk.. brilliant! Several house bands performed there during this period, but I was always called to replace the in-house drummer.'
In 1980 he joined the French star Patrick Sebastien for one and a half years prior to creating the drug rehabilitation center Narconon France which has been in operation for the next 15 years. Narconon uses natural means of detoxification and has an astonishing percentage of success world wide. Click here for Narconon UK.

He was at this time the band leader of the 'in' club 'La Boulangerie des Tuilleries', rue du Frg St Honore, where his trio supported many french stars.

In 1983 Dom created L'Ecole du Rythme ( The School of Rhythm) which by 1986 had become the biggest private music school in France. By 1992, with only 12 members of staff including 6 full time teachers, the school was signing up 2000 plus students a year.
'It was a total success. I didn't plan it that way at all. In fact I began by teaching a few students in my flat in 1982 and it just grew from there.. Just like that...0 to 80 drum students within 6 months ..I was teaching 7 days a week then turned around one day to find myself with no more time to rehears or gig. So, I trained and hired a couple of my students, but it became worse because they were good too. We were having calls for piano, guitar courses, etc... so I hired other teachers for these instruments.. and it became a full operation. We moved to larger premises, and voila!... I had become a manager!
I loved it too, because the school was a meeting point for several hundred people every week. The staff were very motivated and working their butts off to keep it happening. We organized a rock opera every year with the students as performers and it was an immense success. I think the lowest audience attendance was 350..- that's a lot for a 4 year old school of music ...
In 1992/93 things went in a direction that I did not approve of and I had no real choice but to go back to my own personal musical career as a full time musician. Even though I am happy in what I am doing now, I still have a lot of admiration and respect for the guys who had been working with me during those years at l'Ecole du rythme. For the students, it was an island of peace and happiness in the chaotic world of Parisian professionals. Many of these students were true friends and I miss them.'
In August 1985, Dom established the first WORLD RECORD for the longest drum solo ~ registered in the Guinness Book of Records 1986. He played for 24hours 40 mins with 10mins break every 5 hours. The event was held in the middle of the bay of La Baule, coast of Britany, on the catamaran 'JAZ' of Bruno Peyron. The previous year this Vessel had come in second at the 'Rhum Race'. The event (Dom's) made the first page of 10 National newspapers, appeared in more than 25 European magazines, as well as on radio and TV shows in France and Luxemburg.
In 1995, Dom moved to London, where he created covers band 'Freespirit' with Anglo/Jamaican singer Val Kelly. Freespirit has since performed more than 1500 gigs worldwide in the UK, Lebanon, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, Oman, Italy, Ethiopia and France.
Val and Dom are now working on their original project 'Vall'.
'HRH 'BOUM' The Drummer Himself'
Dominique Pizzinat
London - UK -.
Tel/fax1:0208 291 79 11
Tel/fax2:0709 221 77 35


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