Drum tuition in Forest Hill, Southe East, SE 23, London

~ A Professional Performer and teacher in London ~

Dominique Pizzinat has always been drumming, currently drums. When asked about his plans for the future, he said ' I think I'll drum'...

* 8th life time drumming in this sector of the universe.

All styles: Pop, Funk, Rock, Funk/rock, Soul, Dance, Latin, Jazz, etc.

Artists/ Bands:
French: Patrick Sebastien, Marie Myriam, Pechin, Michel Drucker French TV Channel 1 Show 'Stars', and the many artists featured at La Boulangerie des Tuilleries in Paris where Dom was bandleader.
International: George Carl (US), Jaques Anthonin( Canada), Antoine Tome, Amanada Ambrose (US), Isaac Hayes, Johnathan Gee, Val Kelly,
Freespirit, Vall.

For deps, session work, recordings and tours whenever available...
call or e-mail. Call me for anything which worth it.

Drum Teacher: (see www.schoolofrhythm.com)
Yes. I give drum tuition to beginners and advanced students in South East London (Forest Hill - SE23, Sydenham - SE26, and Dulwich-area). I am quite busy performing and managing my bands, but I manage to free time to teach drums 4 days a week near Forest Hill Train Station.

I have ben a drum teacher since 1982 after the release of my first drum book. That's a lot of students... hundreds of aspiring drummers from 6 to 78 (truly). Quite a few have truned pros.
I love teaching drums. I consider it to be a very important part of my activities. In this context I can be very patient... (don't ask me why!)... an attitude which is very welcomed by beginers.

Some students improve very fast, some face more difficulties.
From one person to another there can be a world of difference. like if they were coming from different planets - actually... I am sure they do! But in both case it is obvious that learning drums is therapeutic. Observing my students changing and growing is very rewarding.

Successful music teaching is more about listening and observing than talking all the time. When you have a potential young genius on your course, you don't teach as if s/he was 'like all the others'. When your student shows mental confusions or/and coordination difficulties you don't teach him 'like all the others'. Each student is different, people are different. They have different level of physical abilities, different IQs and a different musical sensibility. 'I just teach them like all the others' is a sure failure as a teaching approach.

I am not a music therapist because my purpose is to teach them how to play drums, not to cure them of anything. But on the way to becoming a proficient drummer various obstacles arise that we will have to overcome.

Of course we face obstacles! We have to reach a complete control of these four limbs doing different things at the same time - strange things that no-one has ever asked this body to execute before undertaking this drum study! We will have to do all sorts of movements at the same time with feet, arms and hands but it has to be done in a coordinated manner. You may be asked to play three strokes with the left hand, one on the right foot, two with the right hand, and play your left foot in-between each right foot. You play them all together until you can maintain it for several minutes... some of these strokes are played louder than the others at specific instants... and to top it all what ever you do is to be done at a perfectly regular speed, and it has to be all perfectly synchronised and 'tight'. And it goes on and on.. until you can speak with your hands and feet as easily as you can speak with your mouth and tongue.

The success of my course is to use very gradual steps that lead to full control of the instruments and to be able to manage these steps according to each individual student. It is never the same.

Of course I also give advanced drum courses. My advanced students are jazz, rock, funk, latin , pop etc. players and they are an exciting part of my teaching.

Give me a call or email and we will see if I can fit you at a convenient schedule.

In fact, I have founded and run the biggest private music chool in France from 1983 to 1992. I only take few students in the UK today for the pleasure of teaching drums. I am performing a lot and I do not want to be swamped into the management of another music school.If you are in the area, call me. Children and adults welcome.
If you whish to become a great drummer, a good teacher will help.

I have written something for you about this

How would you define your drumming?

I have been a pop, fusion, jazz and Latin player in France for years. I went in the Guinness Book of World Record in 1986 for having played the longest drum solo... To day is completely different.

I have realised a while ago that 'space' is the key in most drumming sessions. You are there to create space that the musicians will fill up with harmonies and various rhythms. Then the singer or the soloist(s) bring the melody line(s) and a more concrete message to the tune.

There are different styles of music and drumming must follow their rules. But in pop, dance, soul etc. or let's say outside fusion, trash metal, free and 'modern jazz', the less the drummer plays the best the music sounds. When the audience is supposed to dance or sing along, the drummer should better focus on the groove and not try to be too 'original'... which is not the most easy thing to do. It is a different state of mind.
I have the highest admiration for Steve Ferrone.

Let's say that I am trying to become simpler and simpler in my playing. I absolutely LOVE performing behind a great singer who has something to say (some do).

My job is to set the pace, keep a good timing and feeling for that song and allow space for the other guys in the band do the same. I believe my role is to serve the music, the musicians around me and above all the audience.

As a jazz or acid, funk drummer well then I love to explore rhythmical ideas as deep as possible while keeping the swing or feel of the tune. I love jazz & funk and searching new grooves. In such context I am not an 'academic' disciplined player but rather instinctive and spontaneous.
I also enjoy playing jazz standards from 30s and later on.
One of my teachers in Paris was Kenny Clark...

Summary: Well... music... they try to define it with notation, essays etc. But it is communication. It is a spiritual thing - a love thing. But it is communication and drumming brings the backbone of the tune. Each song is its own universe. Each song has it own message. A song has a life of its own.

Music was here before musical education. Teachers and schools tend to forget this. Like if music was originating from somewhere else than the guy who is playing.... Like if it was like learning accountancy or how to make a cup of coffee. You could probably write a very thick book about 'how to become the best cup of coffee maker in the world' and that would make you look like if you knew something no one else knows, and the media would probably suggest that you are a genius. But at the end of the day, there are very few rules to make a good cup of coffee. It is the same for music.

I love players who are not stuck into the status-quo, have kept their dreams and freedom of expression with their instruments while keeping in the style of the music the band is playing.


I Know many of the dance hits from 60s to present day, and most of the jazz and latin jazz standards. I love jazz fusion and acid jazz but I love pop as well and especially groove based music.

Vintage Gretch mahogany kit, zildjan and Paiste cymbals.
Yamaha Hip-Gig for smaller gigs.

Own Transport + PA and lighting if needed.

Any where in the World. Currently based in South East London.

90% of the Parisian clubs, The Crazy Horse Saloon, Inter-Continental Hotel, most French TV channels.
Monaco/ Monte Carlo
:Le Bar des Artists, La Grotte, The Sporting Club.
French Riviera (from Nice to St Tropez):
Carlton Casino Club, Havana Look, Rio's Banana Cafe,
Le CLub, Le Bar Des Oiseaux, La Bodega du Papagayo, Aqua Plage, Tahiti Beach, Nioulargo Beach, Mas de Chastelas, Le Lezard, etc...
French Alps: Chamonix, Val D'Isere, Tignes
La Cantina, Le Blizard, The Big Apple, Le Pavillon, etc...

- London and nationwide:
Cafe de Paris, The Green Room at Cafe Royal supporting Cleo Lane and John Dankworth and Rita Coolidge, Meridien Piccadilly Hotel, Le Meridien Waldorf Aldwych, Sheraton Park Tower Hotel, Regents Palace Hotel Johnsons Bar Piccadilly, Christophers at the Victoria Hotel, Zola's, China Jazz, Zanzibar, Jazz after Dark, London Business School, Lords Cricket Ground, Break For the Border, MEZZO, Pallio's, Bad Bob's, O'Neils, The Viceroy, Claridges hotel, , Lanesborough, Hilton Park Lane, QE2, etc etc.
Le Baccara Night CLub at Casino du Liban in the presence of James 'the Godfather of Funk' Brown.


KOH SAMUI~ Central Samui Beach Hotel, Santiburi Dusit Hotel, Samui Paradise Beach Resort, Green Mango, Le Club & Santa Fe Nightclubs, Poppies, Supported Thai popstar Nat Myria.
BANGKOK ~ Planet Hollywood, Laser, Phuture, Witches Tavern, Round Midnight, Oriental Hotel, French Embassy in presence of HRH Princess Sirindhorn of Thailand, Siam Inter-Continental Hotel, Novotel Bangna
PHUKET ~ Laguna Beach CLubt
PATTAYA ~ Star Music


KUALA LUMPUR~ Fosters Hollywood, Roxys' Nightclub at the Rennaissance Hotel.


MURCIA ~ Spikes nightspot at the Hyatt Regency La Manga


Grand Hyatt Muscat

Hitlon Addis Ababa

'HRH 'BOOM' The Drummer Himself'
Music Background
Dominique Pizzinat
London - UK -.
Tel/fax1:0208 291 79 11
Tel/fax2:0709 221 77 35
: info@letsdrum.com

Who is the greatest teacher of all?

My South East London
drum school web site:

The School Of Rhythm - Let's Drum!

Music files here soon !

You can currently listen to some of Dominique's drumming at Freespirit

The Val Kelly Jazz Quartet
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